Molly's Journal

Molly's journal

Session Three

Monday, Sept 26

Today was another day where SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED. It’s so weird, like I go so many days where nothing like super exciting happens and then I have days were A MILLION THINGS HAPPEN. Like ???? how even, lol. Obviously THE CONCERT WAS TODAY!!!! AND THAT WAS AWESOME AND ALL I WANT TO TALK ABOUT. But you know me, I have to go in order because that’s what I always do lol.

So all us new people who got in later in the school year were put on teams today! And we met our teammates! We are team Rho, which looks like a P, but it’s a greek letter and it sounds like an R. Weird, lol. Sofya is on my team which is neat. I’m glad I have someone on my team that I know. She’s like, my weirdest friend for sure. I mean she IS my friend so maybe I shouldn’t say that but like….you know. She is super different lol. Anyway so there are two other people on our team. There’s Alicia, who is also Sofya’s roommate. She has like strength powers I guess. She seemed nice I guess. Then there’s Sam, who has…………hold on I can’t remember. All I remember is that he was super uninterested and bored lol. OH WAIT he has weather powers. Ok. He’s like, sort of cute I guess. Kind of regular looking. And our fifth person is Don, who has RADIATION powers. He’s ginger but kind of tan and also his skin like…is see through kind of? Anyway he says his powers are like super dangerous and no one works well with him lol. He’s ok I guess.

Classes are way stricter here than at my old school. The teachers are like, PROFESSORS, yk?  I do feel like I’m learning, though, it’s pretty neat. It’s a fancy school.

At the end of the day ,we got bao figure out likeour teams and w were supposed to figure out like how to use our powers together I guess. But all I could think about was the concert!!!! Don still wouldn’t figure out how to use radiation with anyone else. I don’t think we actually got anything done but I don’t really care lol.

ANYWAY!!!! THE CONCERT!!! When the bell rang I was GONE. I flew to the venue (after stopping time ofc so no one would see me fly.) I told Jenny I was there and she was like ? how’d you get there so fast lol. She brought me a cheese Danish when she got there. When the doors opened everyone SCREAMED, including me lol. Jenny and I had assigned seats so we just went straight tto a merch table. I got some stickers and buttons. I already had a poster so I was like nah. And I already had a tshirt bc I was wearing it lol!! Well one of them anyway. So we go to our seats and pretty quickly the concert started AND THERE THEY WERE!!! OMG IT WAS SO COOL!!! THEY’RE REAL!!! And luke was SO CUTE even tho we were kind of far away. We could still see them on the screen and he was up there a lot. HEART EYES!! Everyone was screaming and cheering like the whole time. It was soooooooooooo good. I was losing it. I was like wow, they’re so good, I need to get like all the merch I can. Like all of it. At the end of the concert they had this like BRIGHT flash of light that I kind of missed bc I was looking down for whatever reason. But it was probably super cool!!!! When they left the stage me and Jenny got back in line for merch. I used the rest of my money lol!! She spent a lot too hehe. When we were walking out of the venue I realized…my BRA WAS GONE? I was like what the heck????? I went to jenny and was like idk where my bra went but it’s not on me!!!! She gave me a sweatshirt she bought lol. So I had the thought, omg, what if we could find the tour bus and see the boys??? So I felt around through the grass and stuff and it seemed like the bus was at the back of the building in a parking lot. Not a surprise I guess, lol. So we went. There was already a crowd when we got there, and people were piling up behind us. So a window opens and it’s LUKE BRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SCREAMED!!!!!!!!!! AND THEN HE TALKED!!!!! He asked us to move lol. But people kept screaming. I was gonna move but we were in the middle of this crowd and no one was moving. Then all of a sudden everyone just goes left or right in equal groups, including me. And I was like wait, what? And the bus drove away. I was like, that was weird. But Jenny didn’t know what I meant. Lol, weird.

Anyway we were on our way to get ice cream and I notice Sebastian like…..taking notes? And watching us?? I don’t know what that was about so I just kept walking faster. But he kept following us!!!! I tried to stop time and turn him around but it didn’t delay him for longer. Also, Tia was following HIM, lol. She totally likes him. Anyway he went into the ice cream shop and just sat in the corner and didn’t even get any ice crema. Tia went and sat with him lol. Jenny bought me ice cream bc i…. didn’t have any money lol. Also my phone was dying and died eventually because I think Sofya kept texting me about a secret adventure or something, I don’t really know.

So then! TVs in the ice cream store flashed to breaking news and the newscaster lady said there was a MONSTER rampaging downtown and we had to all stay indoors. I was like what the heck??? It didn’t look like police were doing much of anything with it so I felt like…idk…I should probably help. But Jenny was there!! I looked to where Sebastian and Tia were earlier and they were already gone, lol. So I told Jenny I was going to the bathroom. I did, froze time, changed, you know, like I always do lol, then I flew to the roof to store my bag and all my merch, and started heading over there. I found Sebastian and Tia on this rooftop, so I flew there and unfroze time. Pretty soon, Sabrina was there! I was like hey girl whatcha doing? She was in her pajamas, lol. And then Sofya came, except she was pretending like she wasn’t Sofya, but we all knew it was her because of her accent lol. Anyway the thing in the streets was this GIANT gorilla, like super big. The plants told me he came from the direction of Elysium, which is weird. Sofya tries to talk to it, but it just roars at her. I kept trying to like…idk…enchant it with my plant looks idk lol!! But it didn’t work :c Everything people were trying didn’t seem to do anything. I set up a future attack, but it didn’t matter because Sebastian took one swing at it with his weird scythe thingy and it fell. I felt pretty useless L wish I could have been, like, actually useful. Pretty much right away, all these news cars, police cars, and even a S.T.A.R car show up. The news lady goes up to Sebastian and asks him questions. I just left because I didn’t want to talk to anyone, and also I left jenny at the ice cream store lol. When I got there she was just coming back from the burger place across the street. She said I was in there for so long she thought I would be hungry when I got out. I kind of was lol!!! She gave me fries. I went home after that bc I didn’t want my mom to worry about me, since my phone was dead and all.

CRAZY DAY!!! I want to see them again so baaaad. That was the best night of my life. Maybe one day I can see them front row and then Luke will see me and pull me up on stage and fall in love with me….lol!!!!! I hope.

Thursday, October 8

Things are going pretty well with my team. We get along a lot better than I kind of thought we would! Our powers don’t really do anything special together but….lol we have fun! Alicia is super cool. She tells me I’m really energetic but I think she’s not actually annoyed by it haha. Don and Sam are pretty cool too!!! It’s weird, I’ve never had like, GUY friends. I feel so adulty!! We sit together at lunch and everything. It’s our team and also Sabrina. It’s a cool group! I miss my friends from my old school, but we still text and stuff. And talk about celebrities and stuff. Like BOYSGROUP! Lol.

Omg. And Sabrina introduced me to one of her team members. She learned that he follows Luke Bright on social media and I was like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me too! His name is Julian. So we’re kind of friends too. He’s really cute…. I kind of like him haha!!! Not that I’m gonna do anything about it lol. Sabrina knows tho. She’s always givin me this look when she sees us talking and im like SHUT UP LOL!

Anyway. Ive been watching clips from the concert on youtube a lot and looking up pictures from it every night there is a show. Take me back!!! Lol.

Thursday, October 29

I HAVE A DATE TO HOMECOMING!!!! HOW DID IT HAPPEN!!!! I don’t even know!! Ok so. We were sitting at lunch right. It’s like one of the last days people can ask people to homecoming. WHICH IS COSTUME THEMED!!! FUN!!! So tons of people were getting asked out at lunch. I didn’t expect to get asked out by anyone or anything. Like who would even ask me out??? BUT THEN!!! One of Sebastian’s team members starts to come over to our table. I’m like what? It’s the plant guy, Arthur. Then he comes up to ME. And he sprouts a snapdragon in his hand!!! And I hear it ask me (in his voice, which is interesting, bc I guess it’s part of him even tho it’s a plant? Weird) anyway it asked me if I would go to homecoming with him!!!!!!! I was soooo blushing I know it. People at the table were like….what? Because they wouldn’t hear the flower lol. But when I said “yes” out loud they kind of understood and were like OOOOOOOOOO and I was like so embarrassed but like happy embarrassed!!! I was like um um um um um like I didn’t know what to even say!! So I gave him my number (OMG I GAVE A BOY MY NUMBER!!!) And he walked back to his table. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I don’t even know!!! Omg!!! And TWO people went up to Sabrina to ask her out and I was like GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRL!!! She said she would have to think about it althought I KNOW she was gonna say yes to Noah (her resistant powery team member who she totally likes). And Sofya got asked out by Alicia!!! Awh!!!!! So now we all have dates and I’m so excited and nervous and excited and scared and excited!!!! This school year has been SO crazy so far, like I can’t even.


Session Two

Thursday, September 16th

The internship fair was today! That was neat, but not for internship reasons lol. First of all, I learned that Sofya has a brother, and she HATES him. She says he’s evil and “a villain” and tried to summon a demon on her when they were kids. Idk if he like actually did or not because I don’t really know whether the things she says are exaggerations or if she thinks they’re real or if they ARE real…it’s weird. Lol anyway. He was at this fair too and was making her mega uncomfortable.

Jenny was there which is cool bc I hardly ever get to see her since we don’t have class together anymore L she bought a cute outfit for the concert (10 DAYS!!!!) at Forever 21. I’m gonna have to wear something old to the concert bc I don’t have money for new clothes right now L but it’ll still be fun!!!! She told me I should get that creepy rich kid to buy me stuff and I was like wtf no!!!! I don’t even like him we’re not even friends!! Then I told her SHE should and she actually did lol!!! But he didn’t buy it or anything it was just embarrassing lol!!!

Sebastian (creepy rich guy) has a REALLY HOT FRIEND. His name is …idk it starts with an A but he was at the fair and he and Sebastian looked like they were like plotting something or had something of their own going on idk it was weird.

So yeah. 10 MORE DAYS!!! I know I said that but I’m excited!!! :D

Also Sofya discovered Supernatural. Lol.


HOLY CANOLI. First of all, today was the extracurricular fair at school and I joined a club but it doesn’t even matter because now….I go to Elysian Academy!!! WHAT? Also all my friends have powers? Omg!!

So….how did that even happen? Lol. So on announcements today they said there would be try outs for Elysian’s power program. After school I was walking w Sofya to go to Mr. Allen’s to talk w him after hours. Tia (that’s the purple haired weird girl from before) was also there. Idk why. But we hung out while Sofya was talking w him in their office. I could feel he had a little succulent in his office so i…kind of….eavesdropped on their conversation I feel kind of bad but!!! Idk I still did it. She wasn’t directly talking about herself but you could tell she was. She was trying to say like should she try out for the power thing if she didn’t want anyone to know about her powers. And I was like uhhh what powers girl? Even though out of all my friends it totally makes sense that she has powers lol. When she came out she didn’t say what they talked about. Tia was like hey are you guys going to try out at Elysian? I am for sh*ts and giggles. (I’m thinking like oh I guess she has powers then? Lol) Sofya said she totally would come to watch her. So I said sure why not let’s go watch. I invited Sabrina too bc I felt like maybe she’d want to come. So we all went there and it turns out Sofya’s brother was on the panel of judges! So she was ALL about signing up to prove herself or something I don’t really know? And she wanted me to do it and I was like uhhh why I don’t have powers what the heck? And then Tia was like I know you both have powers and you should sign up lol. And I was like WHAT??? NO how do you know and she was like I heard your thoughts girl. And Sofya was like yeah I see you talking to plants sometimes is it plants powers? And Sabrinas like what. The heck. And I’m like NO So Tia goes and gets just this GIANT pile of grass from outside like roots and all and is like “so you won’t mind if I just rip this up” And starts slowly ripping the grass out and I can hear it screaming (like when they mow the lawn….ugh, it’s the worst) and I can’t help but like flinch bc it’s RIGHT in front of my face. And soon Tia is like “oh god….I can hear YOU hearing them and that is not….no” and puts the grass down. So all they know at this point is that I can hear plants….so I’m saying like what the heck I don’t know what I would do it would be pointless I’m so shy!!! I don’t want to!!! And Sabrina is telling me I shouldn’t if I don’t want to. So we’re waiting around and I’m texting mom about it and stuff. Sofya pulls me to the sign up table and I sign up thinking I can always just not go up. They give us all masks to cover up since it’s open to the public so no one would recognize us. Texts from mom say that like it’s a good school and she’s sure whatever I choose will be good. And I’m starting to think like, yeah, it is a really good school, and I couldn’t afford it otherwise, so I could probably just get in and not do hero stuff right…? And Tia tells me I shouldn’t audition if I don’t want to. Which was surprising I didn’t expect her to be…nice I guess? So I’m saying like no maybe I will bc then I can get in at least etc.

So we’re watching these people audition and oh my GOSH people have cool powers!! Strength powers and ice powers and healing and WOW! It’s crazy!!! Out of all of us Tia goes up first and she FLIES out there with like dark shadowy wings and I’m like wait what the heck??? Then people are freaking out on the judges panel but none of us can tell what’s going on. Then some lady walks up and she just like wraps a shadow thing around her and she can’t move at all. It was crazy!! Then she just flew away!! Sabrina and I were like what the HECK. Only Sabrina didn’t say heck lol she used another word.

Then Sofya goes up after a few more people and she’s like FLYING and MAGICY and it’s CRAZY. Zapping dummies with like magicy powers and wow I don’t even know but it’s very impressive looking. And I’m thinking like, maybe these demons and things are real lol.

There’s a few more people and then it’s my turn….and I’m SO nervous. I’m nervous to like actually show my friends my powers and nervous to like….be in front of an audience it’s so scary!! So I tell my friends to look away and I change into my plant form. I give Sabrina my pile of clothes and she’s like “wait….THAT’S  WHAT HAPPENED AT THE F*CKING BANK!!!” and I walk away before she says anything else.

I’m like looking down at the ground not making eye contact bc I’ve never been in front of an audience before!! Well not since I was 5 at that piano recital but that doesn’t count. So I stand up and I say “….I’m a tree.” And someone on the panel of judges says “you’re going to need to show us a little bit more”. And I FREAK out bc I can’t believe I’m actually doing this! So I freeze time and I’m trying to pump myself up I’m like walking around doing dumb like you can do this sort of things and trying to take deep breaths and stuff. I looked up at the panel of judges and I noticed two things. One: Sebastian is there! I guess since he’s a senior he’s like helping decide who goes in or something? I don’t really know. Two: one of them is not completely frozen!!! There’s this guy in a green hood whose hood is moving slightly. And then he started talking to me. “Stopping time is impressive, child, but you don’t look like you’ve come prepared for this day. You have to show us more.” And I kind of freaked out MORE bc I couldn’t believe he was watching me that whole time (so embarrassing) and so I decided to just go for it. I floated fairly high into the air and unfroze time. Then I just did my leaf thing and let them fly in and hit dummies and stuff. Idk. A lot of them like broke and what not. I just like landed and shuffled away after that bc I didn’t want people to look at me anymore. My friends were like :0 when I got back but I just took my clothes and went to the bathroom to change back.

I thought that was all the fun done but at the very end when they asked for last minute entries, Sofya told Sabrina she should go and she DID. And SHE HAS POWERS TOO!!! She did like vines attacking dummies and stuff. I was like DOES EVERYONE HAVE POWERS??? It was ridiculous.

After an hour maybe the judges came back to tell us who got in. WE ALL DID!!! Well my friends and I did. They let nine people in and one of them was me!!! I was like WHAT!!!!! I texted my mom to tell her and then I went home and told her more lol. We were talking about how I wouldn’t stay in the dorms bc I’m young for that (I don’t want to anyway!!) and how we’d still keep my powers a secret from the rest of the family.

AAAAAA it’s so exciting!! Elysian Academy is SUCH a good school people get into SUCH good colleges from there!!! And now I get to go with my friends!! Of course I’m gonna miss my Jenny and Kirsty but I don’t see them this year at school anyway.



I. CAN’T. SLEEP. I’M TOO EXCITED!!! (also days YAY!)


First day was just introductions and stuff but I’m already so excited for this new school. The campus is SO pretty. And there’s this really pretty orchard with all these happy trees. I’m hoping this school has an environmental club to join too because when I was thinking about joining clubs I was kind of thinking like maybe I should learn more about nature and stuff now that I have, like, nature powers yk?

And guess who showed me around. ANDREW. THE HOT GUY. I don’t think I explained how hot he was. He looks like Jacob from Twilight, like muscly, but like HOTTER. Omg I was so shy when he was showing me around. It was so awkward. I hope he couldn’t see me blush. He’s just SO CUTE _

ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Lol, what if Luke Bright showed me around school? I wouldn’t have been able to function at all I would just like cry and faint and cry again. Except he’s like 22 so he wouldn’t even be in school anyway but yeah. Lol. AAAAAAAAA 

session one


Wow. First day of school was CRAZY! So much happened, like omg.

Ok. So. First important thing to happen was in gym class. Our teacher, Mr. Allen, is SO HOT. He’s like twenty something and gorgeous. He could be in Boysgroup!! For real!! I was like dang it, I have to get all gross and sweaty in front of the hot teacher guy! Since it was the first day of gym we had to do like so many things so he could see where we were athletically I guess? Anyway while we were doing laps this blonde girl named Jessica bumped into me and yelled out something and called me a fatass! L I’m not even that big I’m like a size 10!! (Also I heard a tree call her a b*tch lol!!!) This other girl went to knock into her but she just did like a HUGE front flip and kept sprinting. It was RIDICULOUS. That did make me feel kind of fat. But also who just does front flips like that?? What the heck?? Also there’s this like twelve year old girl freshman in my PE who has purple hair. Like, what?

Anyway, so at lunch that girl who bumped into her was sitting at my table, but like a few chairs down. Another girl who was in the class came to see if I was okay, which was nice. Her name is Sabrina, which is SUCH a cool name.

My classes were pretty regular, nothing super special. During free period, I went to the library to get started on some homework, and that other girl was talking to the librarian asking for books about magic with this weird accent that sounded kind of Russian? Idk, I don’t really know accents lol. But I recognized her from gym class and I told her about Harry Potter and she got REALLY excited, but also confused. I guess maybe she thought it was supposed to be real. I had to explain that it was a story. Lol. Sabrina was there too and we sort of grouped up… like what? Me getting friends on the first day of school??? That’s crazy!

So anyway, the weird accent girl’s name is Sofya. She’s definitely not from here, and she acts like she’s not even from this time period. It doesn’t seem like where she comes from even has, like, electricity. I can’t even tell, honestly. So, we ended up walking around together after school, the three of us, and we saw that tiny purple girl on the street. Sofya was AMAZED at her hair and asked what kind of magic she used to get it. She kept calling her “Papul”. I guess she was trying to say purple. Me and Sabrina kept trying to explain to her like, that it’s not magic, and why is everything magical anyway lol. But she wasn’t understanding.

We walked a bit more and were talking and stuff and Sofya was like “do you know that guy following you?” and Sabrina and I were like O_O and looked behind us and there was like this SUPER pale rich kid, and I guess he had been following us for quite a few blocks?? Sofya went up to him and was like “yes, you know us? You are friend?” and I was like so embarrassed and was like “No, just don’t talk to him, he is a creep” and she SAID TO HIM “Ah, so you are the creep, yes?” And he looked all offended and said something about not caring about us public school kids, which like, ok dude calm down!! Rude!! Sabrina kept trying to pull Sofya away but she had so many things to say and so many questions, which I think is just what she is like constantly lol. But eventually we did get away.

But it was so weird, like, during that time, I could hear the grass, like….screaming??? I don’t know why but like…the plants were not having a good time in that moment. Really weird…

Sofya got confused at the mannequins in front of forever 21, and didn’t know what it was, and we explained it to her that it displayed clothes, and it was this whole thing. She went into the store and asked where the clothes were made, and then what kind of fashion it was, and then got like AMAZED when I showed her this totally fake necklace with a fake jewel in it. It was only three dollars, so I just bought it for her. She said she had “many jewels like this at home, ones of the emerald and sapphire kind” and Sabrina and I were like woah what??? This Sofya girl is crazy, lol.

But guess what!! We didn’t even MAKE IT to CVS, because all of a sudden we heard GUNSHOTS. I screamed and we like dashed into an alleyway. They kept going down and pretty quickly police sirens were going off. All of a sudden, Sofya was GONE. I was like, what the heck….what. I sensed some trees growing along the pathways, and I could see through them that people were like, robbing a bank!! It was so scary! I texted mom, like mom there’s a bank robbery going on down town!! What do I do??? But she didn’t respond. Me and Sabrina were still in the alley, Sabrina was like “What….is happening” and so I just…Idk, I wanted to see what was going on!! So I froze time, changed into my planty form (that sounds so silly to write out lol) and flew into the tree to spy on the situation. After time started back up, it seemed like people were fighting back. Not like, police though… random, super weird things were going on. People’s bags were disintegrating, random dudes were falling to the ground when nothing touched them, but pretty quickly all the hustle moved towards the back of the building. So I froze time again to get a new hiding spot at the back of the building. There weren’t any trees, so I was just on some rooftop. People were yelling in Japanese and maybe Chinese? Some girl dressed like a witch was down there fighting them off. I decided to help out, and I called the trees to send a gush of leaves at them. A couple of them actually dropped down, some didn’t even get up O_O I was like dang trees, get ‘em!! Their van eventually just disintegrated and the police finally came around back. I froze time real quick and left before anyone saw me.

I went back to get my clothes but they were gone. I was like what!! Where are my clothes!! It was my nice first day of school outfit, too. All Abercrombie stuff. L I have no idea where they went!! So I texted mom like, hey, you never responded so I just stayed and watched, I think I kind of helped catch them, but anyway if you could unlock my window for me so I can get back in that would be awesome, thanks J but the text wasn’t sending. I was like, send!!!! But then I realized time was still frozen, lol. So I unfroze time and sent the text. THEN she responded, saying she would. So I went back home and changed back to normal and put some clothes on.

I need to start carrying around extra clothes so I don’t have to just be straight up naked if I change in public!!

Mom and I went outside and I explained to her about my day. She said she was happy I made friends and kind of worried about the whole bank robbery thing. But I was like don’t worry! No one saw me and they got the bad guys! It’s all ok!

It was a good thing I started on my homework, bc it was already like 8 by then. I finished my homework and now here we are. So…yay friends! So many crazy things! And I miss my clothes. L it was my one really good bra too!!!!


AAAAAAA. Another crazy day, lol. SO MANY THINGS.


Ok ok anyway. More crazy things happened. I think that’s just gonna be what this school year is like honestly. During PE, Sabrina came up to me with my pile of clothes (yay my clothes!!!) (they were washed, btw, which was so nice of her) and was like “you….left these in the alley? Where the f*ck did you go” and I was like O___O uhh..i…It was so weird! I just….idk! magic! I was just suddenly like way away…idk what happened maybe some magical thing happened!

AND THEN. Sofya came up and saw my clothes from yesterday, and said, QUITE LOUDLY, “Ah yes, you have her clothes, did you have the sex?” and we were like O__________O

And this SKEEZY DUDE comes running by and was like…..”LESBIANS!!!! THAT’S SO HOT!!!!” and it was too late people heard and were looking!!!!! And it’s like, ok, like im not homophobic or anything, im just like…im not a lesbian you know??? AAA So we explained to Sofya like, no, that’s not….no…no. Just no.

But now I guess people at school think we are lesbians!!! And together!!! Hopefully they forget but I could see stares at school all day x_x omg. During free period, we met up in the library again, and Sabrina was like “Yeah, we can’t hang out anymore” and then laughed. So I think we’re fine!! I’m glad bc she seems really cool. Also she’s a junior and I don’t have any friends in other grades!! So that’s fun.

Sofya had already read like two Harry Potter books by free period. I told her there were movies, and then we had to explain what movies were, and then I told her we could have a sleepover and watch them but she had to finish the books first. Also I think she went around asking everyone what house they were at school today.

Sabrina was telling me about this hot teacher she had for….idr what class. But apparently he was like the tall dark and mysterious type. I want that teacher!! I need to be a junior, lol.

So we walked to CVS today, but on the way  we ran into that rich kid again. Sofya was like “as yes, this is the dark mysterious mad you were talking about?” and we were like NO. HE IS A CREEP. Sofya was like “on the scale of one to ten, he is only a two. Demons in my country’s dark ages are like an eight” Which…I don’t know if she was real or not? But Sabrina and I were trying to explain to her that he was creepy and I don’t think she understood. Lol. Anyway we went to CVS and bought some blue hair dye. We were gonna dye it tonight but I still had homework and stuff so I was like during the sleepover!! So me, Sabrina, and Sofya are gonna have a sleepover (: I’m excited!

On my way home I got a notification from my Boysgroup facebook page about the presale and I was like OMG!!! As soon as I got home I bugged mom about buying me tickets. I know I already talked about it but im SO EXCITED!!! It’s not til September but still!!!! They’re all so dreamy….especially Luke Bright of course!!!!!

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