Emerald City High

New Kids

School has been progressing smoothly for approximately a month. Our young heroes attended an internship fair on the Yellow Brick Road and have encountered the Freedom City League branch of Emerald City. Sabrina has found herself a job at The Japanese Tea Garden in Little Osaka.  The following day, the schools both had an extracurricular fair to get students more involved in social aspects. Sebastian has chosen the Honor Society, Molly has joined the Environment Club, Sofya has taken an interest in the Drama Club, and Tia has started her own unofficial club of "Urban Exploration". Later that day, Elysian Academy held open try-outs for super powered individuals. Sabrina, Molly, Sofya, and Tia have all been accepted to Elysian Academy as well as a few of their other classmates. Now that our heroes are all together, how will they grow and shape each other as the year progresses?



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