Emerald City High


Hello All! 

With all the hectic everything of life, this campaign has gone on an indefinite hiatus and is likely to be altered significantly if we continue

Elysian Intro

Our young heroes have all begun school at Elysian academy. Each has been given their respective teams and rankings within the school, and Tia is none to happy to be ranked 21st. That night, Molly attended the Boyzgroup concert to see her idol, Luke Bright. While there, she had a strangely overwhelming urge to spend far more than she would have normally. Sebastian, being in the area, observed a number of unusual behaviors within the crowd. As our heroes made their way into an ice cream parlor, breaking news revealed a rampaging giant ape in the downtown area nearby. Each jumped to the ready, with all but Sebastian donning some amount of disguise. Sabrina, having just arrived home from work, teleported to check on her friends in her PJs. The massive creature was incredibly resilient against mental attacks and being bound, but as he assaulted our heroes, Sebastian incapacitated the creature with a single blow. He then realized that the creature was a fellow student, Apex of Alpha Team. While avoiding the journalists descending on the area, the group made their way to their respective homes.

Flash forward to October 29th, and the homecoming dance is right around the corner, two days away to be exact. Our heroes were each approached by a number of individuals. Now each has their own date to homecoming. Diana and Sebastian seem to be hitting it off well; Sabrina seems to be enjoying the company of her new teammate Noah; Tia is heading to the dance with Raymond Lee, a senior on Alpha Team; Sofya and her new roommate Alicia are going together; and Molly is going with Arthur Johnson, Sebastian's plant based teammate. 

New Kids

School has been progressing smoothly for approximately a month. Our young heroes attended an internship fair on the Yellow Brick Road and have encountered the Freedom City League branch of Emerald City. Sabrina has found herself a job at The Japanese Tea Garden in Little Osaka.  The following day, the schools both had an extracurricular fair to get students more involved in social aspects. Sebastian has chosen the Honor Society, Molly has joined the Environment Club, Sofya has taken an interest in the Drama Club, and Tia has started her own unofficial club of "Urban Exploration". Later that day, Elysian Academy held open try-outs for super powered individuals. Sabrina, Molly, Sofya, and Tia have all been accepted to Elysian Academy as well as a few of their other classmates. Now that our heroes are all together, how will they grow and shape each other as the year progresses?

Introduction to Chaos

Our characters have met each other. While some are distant and calculating, some bond and form friendships. The PCs bore witness to a Yakuza-staged bank robbery and aided the police in stopping the criminals, however Sebastian allowed a non-violent member to escape with the money they had stolen. Elliot Allen has taken an interest in Tia and Sofya, while Sebastian continues powers training at Elysian Academy. Molly and Sabrina have begun to form a friendship and classes appear to be starting out well for all. Boygroup has a tour date listed for Emerald City and Molly is ecstatic about seeing her celebrity crushes live. Sebastian on the other hand has found a threatening letter in his dorm room. 


Fresh Start
First Day!

After the strange occurrence of the Silver Storm back in March of this year, our new Stormers are about to start their first day of the new school year. With most students attending Emerald City High, Stormers are bound to run into each other. Elysian Academy, while prestigious, is beginning to open its doors and scholarships to those students who prove academic aptitude and sufficient skill with their new talents. Teachers will have another challenge in the classroom; angsty teens with supernatural abilities. Emerald City and the surrounding areas are slowly adjusting to the presence of powered people but with no native Heroes, it's only a matter of time before these new abilities are abused.

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